Together against time

Timeless Training

Time is the most valuable thing we have – at the same time we always seem to run short. The Contra vision is to develop apparel that stand the test of time and simultaneously help us gain time thru the multiple use of our apparel. 


Our approach to product design is based on simplicity that last thru time is focused on all day training. Wear it to work and wear it to the gym but be comfortable all the time. Innovation and multifunction is key both in quality fabrics as-well as detailing. The durability lets your personal favourites last longer and age well with time by taking consideration of the use of everyday technology, hardcore training and a fashionable lifestyle.

Together Against Time
Lee Cotter Designer

Designed by Lee Cotter

With his entire professional career within fashion design, production, conceptual innovation and retail. He has offered senior level knowledge covering a wide spectra of the fashion industry. Lee Cotter has owned and have managed several companies, start- ups, projects and enterprises. Thus his understanding for product, international market and innovative design combined with packaging, unique expression and communication are all well documented through his previous accomplishments. Lees extensive network stretches world wide combining all parts of both fashion and lifestyle. The design management, concept strategy and trend knowledge has been essential in the development of Contra.

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